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Diet v. Exercise - What matters MOST for weight loss?

If I’ve said it once, I've said it 1,000,000 times - “The BEST “diet” in The WORLD is The ONE you’ll DO.” But there are some universal truths with all diets that boil down to whether of not you’ll have success and achieve RESULTS!

At RADFIT Metabolic Testing and Nutrition Coaching we emphasize that the same is true when you simply expand the focus from “diet” to PROGRAM!!

While the “what” is quantifiable and you can’t manage what you don’t measure - the “how” is qualitative and the quality of your process determines compliance and sustainability as it applies to YOUR lifestyle and routine . . . The ONE you’ll DO.

In an article from entitled The best way to lose weight boils down to these 5 principles', there are some great pointers for putting together an effective overall program!

“If you’re concerned about your weight and want to make some healthy changes, there is a staggering amount of advice available on how to lose weight, but really, healthy weight loss boils down to just five basic principles. Use them to boost your chances of weight loss success <in 2022>.”

1️⃣. Practice healthy eating habits

- Eat more vegetables

- Enjoy mostly Whole Foods

- Limited added sugar & processed foods

2️⃣. Pay attention to “why” you eat

- Identify your emotional triggers, whether happiness, sadness, anger, fear, stress, boredom or other feelings.

- Find an alternative to eating when these feelings arise.

3️⃣. Take on an “I got this” attitude

- Studies suggest that an “I got this” attitude, correlates to behavior changes that promote weight loss <behavior change>.

4️⃣. Address stress and sleep issues

- Researchers at Ohio State University conducted a study that suggested stressed-out women burned 104 fewer calories after a big meal, and they had higher levels of insulin, a hormone that promotes fat storage.

- In one study, participants who spent 5.5 hours in bed (compared to 8.5) experienced an uptick in the hormone ghrelin, which makes you hungrier, reduces the number of calories you burn and promotes fat retention.

5️⃣. Exercise, but not to lose weight

- Results from a study that came out in November suggest that for exercise to help with weight loss, you’d have to work out for about an hour six times per week.

- Set aside the idea of exercising to lose weight, and instead, find ways to work out that make you feel good.

So the take home message when it comes to Diet V. Exercise, the answer is BOTH! But lets make certain to address quantity and quality of diet/nutrition for energy IN before simply resorting to more exercise and paying for personal training in Mount Pleasant, SC use exercise as an enjoyable piece of the overall puzzle! If you're looking for nutrition coaching in Mount Pleasant, SC, reach out and set up a time when we can meet and discuss YOUR golas!

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