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Metabolic Testing For Nutrition Coaching Done RIGHT!

The RADLab is the original provider of Metabolic Testing in Mount Pleasant, Charleston,

and the Daniel Island community. We provide a full battery of medical grade metabolic testing using InBody for weight/body composition measurements and the CardioCoach PLUS Metabolic Cart by KORR for assessing R.M.R. (Resting Metabolic Rate), VO2 sub max/max, and Metabolic Efficiency Testing.

These tests provide the foundation and details for your personal fitness as well as health and wellness like no other fitness testing can by taking the "guess work" out of

calculating your body’s true caloric needs, max heart rate, and individualized heart rate based training zones. Whether you want to lead a healthy lifestyle or train as an elite athlete, we customize YOUR personal fitness and performance training plan utilizing heart rate, pace, and power goals with nutrition programming done right!

InBody (Body Composition) Test: Go beyond the scale with a non-invasive body composition analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle, fat, and water on an easy to read report that tracks your progress over the course of your process.

This is the minimal information required for effective RADFIT nutrition coaching and programming!

Mount Pleasant and Charleston Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test: Metabolism is the process of converting food (calories) into energy. The efficiency with which your body does this is referred to as your metabolic rate. Many factors affect a person’s metabolic rate: weight, age, body composition, hormone levels, and gender making it a highly unique number.

Understanding your body’s unique metabolic rate will allow your practitioner to customize your weight loss or maintenance program around your needs.

  • It can screen for a slowed metabolism that may explain frustrated attempts to lose weight in the past.

  • It can reveal changes in your metabolism during the weight loss process that can help trouble shoot a frustrating plateau.

  • Once you reach your goal, an RMR measurement can give you the precise caloric prescription for maintenance to help you sustain that goal weight.

Mount Pleasant and Charleston VO2 max Test: The Gold Standard for determining cardio-respiratory fitness performed via a maximal exercise test on a treadmill or bike while connected to a machine capable of analyzing your expired air. Your test provides data on how much oxygen you use as you exercise and determines the maximal oxygen you can consume during exercise.

Understanding your body's capacity to utilize oxygen is one surefire way to get you closer to your performance-related goals as well as establish how exercise can be best coupled with nutrition programming!

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